5 PuppyChino's Describing This Long Weekend Purfectly. What's your Weekend Vibe?

Wag Brag, 29 Sep 17, By Anshika Saxena

After this long, over-tiring†week of work, politics, heart-breaks, exhaustion, this weekend definitely calls for some Me-time, right?

Tony: "Hello emergency, I would like to report a theft. Someone stole my weekend... I saw it on the last friday, I turned around and poof, it was gone."†

Don't be like Tony, Pre-plan your Weekend. Here, we present you 5 purfect illustratives†to help you with your planning-procedure for the†weekend.†What would be your weekend plan ? Mine would be the third one, pick yours.

1. Too lazy to move, some dose of entertainment for the rescue.


2. No chill. What is weekend, really?


3. One†can never get enough of sleep. Right?


4. Netflix and Chill. Period.


5. Wanderer Mode On.

Here's to wishing you all, A Happy Weekend!