Bellotta, a premium brand of Thai Union Group, is an undisputed leader in manufacturing and marketing of premium cat and dog food. With a wide range of unique products under their repertoire, Bellotta aims to set out to develop and offer products that offer innovation, quality, durability, value and palatable for the pets.

The Thai Union Group was formed with an aim to manufacture and distribute gourmet cat and dog food with a policy of manufacturing the best quality products to enhance and create products that satisfy the needs of the pets and their owners. Bellotta understands that the customers today are becoming increasingly conscious of their pets and their needs and therefore are working towards providing products that are of high quality and functionality.

The Bellotta range of foods is divided into different range – Bellotta Chien Gourmet Dog Food, Bellotta Chat Gourmet Cat Food, Chicken with dried Kawakawa in Gravy, Bellotta Cane Dog Food, Bellotta Gatto Cat Food, Bellotta Gravy Dog Food and Bellotta Gravy cat Food.