Make the world a better place for pets and pet parents- that is what Bharat International has been engaged in doing since its inception in 2001. They have been into Importing and Supplying the finest range of pet products to facilitate their ambition in the area of pet care.

Though they had humble beginnings, since the very start, they believed in winning the trust of their clients. Time to time, they have worked hard in increasing their assortment and providing a lot of options to choose from, to their customers. From Cat and Dog food to other grooming and health products, Bharat International has a lot to offer in their kitty. Bharat International is associated with Veterinarians and pet stores all around the country who make them aware of what their customers want, which further helps them in Research and Development.

The utmost belief of Bharat International lies in their promise of quality and purity. They never compromise in providing the best palatability and high nutritional value, which is their USP.

Bharat International dreams to connect to each and every pet household across the country and share unconditional love. For them, their enthusiasm, commitment, and passion for the business come straight from the heart!