Founded in 1971 by an immigrant chemist Claus Pohl, Bio Groom is one of the best known dog grooming brands in the world. With a wide repertoire of products under their umbrella, Bio – groom has made its mark in the pet grooming category.
For over 40 years Bio - groom has developed and brought about products that meet the different grooming needs of your pets. With an extensive range of offering from Bio – groom, pet groomers across the world vouch for the gentle cleaning properties of the shampoos by Bio groom. Apart from the shampoos, Biogroom also has an array of products for wellness, conditioning, ectoparasitic treatment and enhancing sprays. The products by Bio – groom is tested and developed post extensive study and research to offer products that meet the grooming requirements. There are products for coat color care and also for pets with dry and sensitive skin. Not only are there products for adult dogs but also for kittens and puppies.
Biogroom, with a motto to bring premium quality grooming products to pet owners and grooming professionals, it constantly endeavors to bring the best for years ahead.