The Bramton Company produces pet care products since past 28years. Staying in the pet industry for so long, the experience this company manufactures its products under Simple Solution Brand. Some of its products focus on training aids, odour removers, floor protection, grooming, cleaning and pet incontinence products and many other items.

It also produces waste management products called “Bags on Board”. The dispenser of the same name is refillable and compact. It can attach to any leash standard and is retractab leash. Inside of it is a doggie clean up bag as well, which, is biodegradable. This is a great way for the owners to be at ease and tension free for getting extra bag with themThe Bramton Company ensures quality products for its pets that improve the pet-owner relationship. The company also offers a hundred percent money back guarantee on all of its products.

  • Food Service Scoop for Dog and Cat, a product of this company, makes serving food much easier for you. It comes in a beautiful blue color.
  • Dog Anti-Lick Cherry Spray is another product of this company, which helps a pet to get discouraged of licking and chewing on itchy, irritating skin and sutures. The bottle of spray comes in 225ml quantity. The spray is clean, non-alcoholic and non-staining. The smell is pleasant but tastes bitter. This product should be kept away from children and should be used in adequate quantity.

Hence, The Bramton Company sells quality assured products in affordable and reasonable price.