Dr Francesco Russo established Farmina’s Pet Foods in the year 1965 in Southern Italy. Initially known as Russo Feed, Dr Russo realized the high potential that pet food industry since then Farmina Pet Foods have developed a wide repertoire of brands and products. At present Farmina Pet Foods has Cibau, Team Breeder Dog & Cat, Ecopet, Fun Dog, Vet Life Formula, Cimiao, Matisse Fun Cat, Charli and Naturals & Delicious.
Cibau Dog Food brand especially caters to the need of dogs. The food has been fortified with fish oil, which contains the appropriate amount of Omega 3 fatty acids which helps to maintain the lustrous coat of your dogs. This Italian brand ensures a good amount of rice and corn for all its food line to ensure regular carbohydrates for your pet. Cibau products contain no traces of artificial preservatives or any genetically modified food.
The products are formulated in coordination with the breeders and pet owners. Cibau Dog Food is developed with specific extrusion process such as twin screw and long life vitamins systems that help in better digestibility of food and also help in making the vitamins last longer in your pet.
There are various different products under the product line. This includes specific products for not only formulated to cater to the need of specific breeds but nutritional food to cater to various physiological conditions such as obesity. There is a specific line of Vet Life Formula Line of pet products that deal specifically with medical conditions of pets such as diabetes and weight management. Cibau offers proper nutrition along with all balanced nutrients while maintaining palatability for all cats and dogs.
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