Dosch is a diversified pharmaceutical company and is a manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals and supplements. One of the fastest growing animal health care organizations in India, Dosch is involved in the formulation and marketing of supplements, training and care products.

Dosch strives to provide cost effective supplements and understands that products such as nutritional supplements therapeutics and skin care and parasitic solutions will help in ensuring longer happier and healthier life of pets. The products have been made with care and technological efficiency. The research and development team ensures that innovative products have been designed to provide the most optimum health solution to any companion pets as well as to livestock and poultry.

Dosch launched its poultry and companion animal (pets) division in 2010 and now offers a broad range of products for companion pets – dogs and cats, equine, cattle, sheep and poultry animals. Dosch has been recognized as a Star Export House and an ISO 9001:2008 compliant company.

Dosch has a broad spectrum of products that consist of more than 50 brands that covers a range of antibiotics, anthelmintics, anti- diarrheal solutions, multivitamins and supplements, intra mammary supplements and feed supplements and has carved a niche in the pet industry.