ENDI is a brand of Jiangxi Welton Pet Products Co., Ltd. ENDI is a professional producer of pet treats for both cats and dogs.

ENDI is an experienced organization to step up in the pet industry and has been researching; developing, producing and marketing pet treats for cats and dogs. ENDI has a wide range of products under their repertoire catering to the needs and lifecycle of both cats and dogs.  The entire ranges of products are made from natural ingredients which are healthy and palatable and a favorite for pets in the domestic and overseas market. The product range also includes grooming products for cats and dogs. The grooming products too have been made with natural ingredients to ensure that your pet receives premium care without any side effects.

ENDI chew treats have been made with different flavours – beef, tenderloin, vegetables, meat and chicken to satisfy the taste buds of the pets. Welton and ENDI has been committed to meet the need of the customers and with many international certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, HACCP< ISO 22000 and the likes, ENDI is committed to providing safe and healthy pet treats.

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