There was a time when handicapped, paralyzed and disabled pets were not paid much attention. But in recent past, India has taken steps for the treatment of the disabled paralyzed dog by introducing a joint venture named Innovation India. Innovation India is a step towards bridging gap between veterinary sciences and Rehabilitation advancements.

Innovation India provides services in pet products and accessories and is the number one brand in India .It minimizes the ailments and sufferings of the poor pets by taking into consideration all the technological advancements in the manufacturing workshop. These products cater for the cosmetic, aesthetic and technical requirements of veterinary patients.

Wheel cart, wheel chair, dogcart, splints, artificial limbs, braces, slings, Elizabeth and neck collar etc are a few of the products and accessories that help dogs to reduce their pain. There are unlimited options and qualified experts to rehabilitate pet cases. They work with the motive to produce, sell, market and distribute products that ensure the well-being of animals. They also provide better working conditions to those who work for the animals.

The wide range of accessories and products enable the paralyzed animals to almost lead a life like the normal pets.

These products include:-

  • Hide sling medium
  • Translucent Dog E-collar-it comes in varying sizes
  • Robust Dog Muzzle
  • Collapsible type dog E-collar
  • Dig cart two wheel support

A variety of scientific equipments offer walking aid to the pets for the treatment of paralysis, motor neuron dysfunction, general weakness, trauma etc.

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