Taste of the wild is a grain free food for pets. They are made with high quality ingredient which advances palatability, muscle tone and superior digestion. Fruits and vegetables have natural antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and provide overall wellness to the dogs. Taste of the wild provides dogs and cats a diet dictated by his genes.

Taste of the wild has the following formulas to offer:-

  • Pacific stream canine formula
  • Canyon river feline formula
  • Wetlands canine formula

Taste of wild has the following benefits to offer:-

  • No grain - Benefits the dogs with nutrition for optimal health and ardor
  • Roasted duck and smoked Turkey - Offer highly digestible protein which helps dogs to maintain the smooth condition of good health
  • Smoked and real salmon - These ingredients are rich in omega fatty acids which offer highly digestible protein thereby enhancing health conditions
  • Digestive support system - Dried fermentation products and dried chicory root makes the formula for a healthy digestive system
  • Antioxidants - These prevent the damage of free radicals which guards a pet’s body. Fruits and vegetables are rich in natural antioxidants and maximum levels of zinc, vitamin E and selenium which help in cellular growth
  • Omega fatty acid blend - Maintaining healthy and glowed skin is worked out by the intake of omega-6 and omega - 3 fatty acids
  • Sweet potatoes - Rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and beta carotene is the power packed complex carbohydrate which provides whole day energy to the dogs

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