Touchdog launched in 2005 as the first-ever Western-Inspired and most globally recognized premium pet specialty brand that is today sold in retailers in over 50 countries with its roots originating in Southern Asia. Touchdog specializes and is credited in creating, breathing and introducing human Urban-wear fashion to life in the pet industry with their talented creation of Dog Clothing such as Dog Coats and Jackets to Harnesses, Leashes and Collars, featuring the most exquisite Western-Inspired designs and attention to detail from stitch to seam - from Embroidery to Threading, the Touchdog stamp symbolizes more than just a product it symbolizes a cultural change that took place in China from the creation of this brand.  Unbeknownst to Leo, the creator of the Touchdog brand it s talented designs had created tremendous demand to dog owners in China whom initially owned dogs as a want for status in China which had then completely evolved to a country that is becoming more heart-felt towards dogs and animals and had completely changed the landscape in China through it s designs to now Dog Adoption awareness